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Best Wayfinding Signage Design Agency India

Navigation from place to place is an integral part of our daily life. Wayfinding refers to that particular information system which guides people to navigate through a physical environment and wayfinding signage helps people to inform them about the unfamiliar surroundings. As it helps people to find out their way from one place to another it is completely different from other signage forms. It’s not used for advertising purposes. Instead, it’s mainly used to inform people of different facts such as train’s timetable, and directions to reach the desired destination.

Types of wayfinding signage

Find out different types of wayfinding signage that is commonly used for different purposes:

Directional signs

Directional signs guide people in wayfinding and keep them moving towards their final destination. It clearly shows people the right way to go and it typically appears at junction points or anywhere someone might look to get right directions.


  • Fingerpost sign points an arrow towards the right direction which the people must follow.
  • Post signs at entries help the visitors to find offices, reception desks, loading docks, and other common destinations.
Directional signs

Conformational signs

As the name implies, conformation signs make people aware that they are heading towards the right path or has reached their destination finally. These signs help people to identify where they are right now and appear at certain points or specific landmarks. You can see some average time or distance in them that you need to cover to reach the final destination. Example:


  • A sign at Airport shows Gate 1: 5 minutes’ walk.
  • Signs to signify that it’s a restroom or bathroom.
Conformational signs

Informational signs

Informational signs don’t show directions instead it supplements some useful information to people along their way. This type of signage guides people throughout by providing relevant information. Example:


  • FIDs (flight information displays) provide you the required flight information & tell you which gate number you need to head for.
  • Highway signs alert the drivers when they enter any construction zone or warn about any upcoming congestion.
Informational signs

Regulatory signs

This type of signage informs the users about the regulations and requirements of a certain place. Example:


  • Speed limit signs and “No Parking” signs alert the drivers.
  • “No smoking” signs alert smokers that smoking is not allowed here.
Regulatory signs

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Our solutions to create strategic wayfinding design

When we create a signage system for an area, or building or architectural structure, we develop a strategic wayfinding scheme. By following each step we develop a modular wayfinding system to meet all expectations for navigation purposes. To make a signage system work we use a design grid to order information. Our signage services can help you to communicate key messages to users by helping them find their way throughout.

Characteristics of our signage designs

Common considerations and issues related to wayfinding Signage


The main issue related to the designing of wayfinding signage is that it must create it such a way that the users are getting help and guidance from every possible way. To make the design simple but informative is both complex and challenging. The designer needs to overcome this issue by using effective colors on the signage.


Another issue is, to use the proper lighting on the signage so that it gets easily noticed by the users. Right lighting makes the signage appear more readable and clear to the users. For this, the designer tries it with different lighting conditions in different weathers and chooses the right lighting.

Language problem

As signage is a generalized version to help people, it must carry a common language which the most of the people can understand. Sometimes, local language doesn’t work in areas such as in international airports. So, a common language must be used as the communicating medium.


Corporate Space Branding Company

The brand image of a company is more important than its logo and website.

A great brand can stand out from the crowd and create an emotional and interactive user experience with the consumers. But, space branding is a not a standard designing approach. Instead, it allows the consumers to give each brand the opportunity to create its own voice by focusing on the integral elements that offer a memorable experience for customers. It’s about showing your customers your brands offerings and connecting them with your external brand to ensure a great understanding. Connecting with the brand on an emotional and personal level can help your brand to build up a dedicated and strong consumer base and increase employee pride in the workplace.

How do we create an effective space branding?

When we work with space branding we know that the customization is necessary for accordance with the brand’s services. We use different forms, and shapes to know the products offered by the brand and to bring out new ideas and visions from users.

As commercial and corporative spaces are engaged in experimenting, the brands are closely looking at the changes in shopping habits and lifestyle. Therefore, we offer creative space branding solutions embracing everything that the brand can offer to its customers and we do the entire process in an understandable, simple and comfortable way. We transform your customers into true brand ambassadors by offering these services:

  • Defining all your values and mission clearly in space branding.
  • Helping your brand to get more engaging customers.
  • Giving alignment to both external and internal branding.
  • Communicating with you about your internal brand Strategy.
Space Branding