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Do product’s size and shape really matter?

Nowadays people are concentrating more on packaging to increase their product’s sales. It’s true that a packaging with proper shape and size can bring success to your product. It’s fascinating to know the psychology behind the decisions of a consumer while purchasing any product. Isn’t it? Actually, their decision is directly dependent on the packaging. It doesn’t matter how good the inside product is, at the time of purchasing people only see the outer cover and makes a strong decision whether to buy it or not. As simple tweaks in messaging on the package’s shape can make or break your product’s sale, it’s important to present a product with perfect shape, size and color. It’s undeniable that the shape and size really matter.

Packaging Shape Design

Here are some reasons for it:-

Star Easy to use

The impact of the shape of packaging on consumers affects their decision making whether to buy it or not. According to a study, the ease of using the product is an important factor which influences the individual’s purchasing habits. Those packages which can be easily carried or used or stored afterward impress consumers more than those packages that are difficult to manage.

Who would like to buy a package again that can’t be open easily? But consumers prefer to buy those packages again that are easy to open and easy to use. So, while designing the shape of your product’s package you must keep this factor in mind and impress your consumers with the right shape!

Star To impress consumers with the first impression

If you are wondering that how can the shape of the product impress the customers then you must know the fact that it says a lot about the quality of your product. If you use the right shape and size then it might be advantageous for your product’s sales. You can use it to impress your targeted audience by the very first impression.

Star To perceive the real value

Both shape and size can build up different opinions about the product in the consumer's mind. Sometimes, small packages with great graphic designs make the consumers think that this little amount of product is really of high quality and value. Some consumers might consider large packages as having the higher value due to the huge quantity. Thus, different shapes and sizes create different perspectives about the product in the mind of consumers. So, while choosing the size and shape keep your product’s value and usage in mind.

Star About storage

You can use your product’s shape to tell your consumers about the storage options they get. While deciding it you must keep it in mind that how long it must last in the hands of the consumers. Proper shape and size will offer your product great safety. So that it can be carried away to home, office or anywhere else. People can store it also for future use. For this, the properly shaped packaging is important.

As the shape of the packaging brings a direct effect on the sales of your item you can impress your consumers by an attractive shape. Otherwise, the unusual shape will lead to the complete failure of your item. You can use it to speak to the world without direct communication. You must create a truly remarkable packaging design with the right shape, size, and color that will delight your targeted consumers.

Packaging Shape Design


How Does Packaging Color Matter?

Different colors trigger emotions among consumers & influence their shopping decisions

Maximum consumers make snap judgments about the product on the basis of its color. So, different colors bring a greater impact on the consumer shopping behavior. It’s true that colors can trigger emotions among consumers that influence their decisions whether to buy it or not! Just like the shape and size, colors are also important to speak to the consumers of any particular age or location. For kids, you can use bright colors and for adults, you can use sober colors. Check out which color signifies what if they are used in your packaging design strategically:

Red, being a string eye-catcher color, is universally used in the food industry. It triggers emotional responses and appetite for the customer’s behavior. This color also represents freshness of the product and that’s why it’s mostly used in food package designs.

Yellow, being the most visible color, indicates cheerfulness and optimism. If you would use it as the main color it will bring excitement and positivity in your product’s packaging design. It is mainly used in many retail displays to draw attention to a lot of passersby. It exemplifies happiness in the product with its light effects.

Globally, the color Black implies luxury and authority. It also exemplifies a wide range emotion such as authority, trust, or elegance. It’s mostly used by luxury brands which product luxury items. It also brings the greatest impact on the sales of the product.

White signifies pureness, simplicity, and cleanliness. It allows you to convey a clear and concise message to your targeted consumers about your product. If you would use white as your package’s base color then you can use any color to highlight your product’s characteristics.

Just like Green veggies, the color green signifies freshness and it’s often correlated with health and wellbeing, and eco-friendliness. Health comes first among all and many brands are trying to offer healthier products to their consumers by using the color green.

The color Purple expresses individuality and success. It invokes the imagination in your consumers. Though it’s not gender-specific more female consumers and children get attracted by it. You can use this bold color to make the consumers look for further details into your product’s packaging.

Blue is mainly used to pack cookies, snacks, and other food items. It’s the color of trust and reliability and it’s available in various different shades. This can add even more depth to your packaging design. It represents a sense of significance, creativity, and light-heartedness. Different shades of blue carry different significances and it’s typically used to package children’s products. Point to be noted, blue is not used for packaging of natural foods such as appetite suppressant.

Orange is typically used for packaging of hearty and satisfying foods. It is the least favorite color among adults but children like it. Its significance is also correlated with the significance of yellow.

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Product’s packaging color is a critical aspect of proper branding and marketing. These colors are responsible to make your product stand out on the shelf among all. You can use them to speak to the world. In order to create a truly remarkable packaging design, you must choose the right color, shape and size to delight your consumers.