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Website doesn’t only need traffic, it needs targeted traffic. PPC advertising gives you the direct opportunity to get top positions on search engines by paying for. Pay-per-click marketing delivers relevant and instant traffic to complement the existing SEO strategies. An experienced PPC company can change your traffic stats by increase the relevant traffic in just hours after the launching your Google AdWords or Bing Ads account at the right place. It targets your right audience by improving your ads performance and it’s good for business!

Searching for a trusted PPC advertising service provider? If yes, then you can choose our offered service. We at designerpeople offer complete PPC services as well as optimization and management services. Our long experience in this field has allowed our clients to earn 100% satisfaction.

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How we carry out your PPC process:-

PPC process

Account opening and Configuration

As AdWords ads do a great job to bring more visitors to your website you must have a well-structured account! Our first step is to ensure that the searches are triggering your relevant ads to your audience by setting up your account fully. We offer better ad position leads at the lowest possible rates and we keep your account organized and optimized all time!

Qualified Leads generation

PPC is a highly effective channel which is used by many websites and companies to generate more leads. According to statistics, paid ads are 56% more profitable than other social media advertising which leads to a 44% ROI roughly. But PPC helps to generate more fresh and qualified leads that your business requires.

Campaign Optimization

One pay per click (PPC) campaign can work as an effective way to market your business’s products online. Only an optimized campaign can generate the right ROI that you want to gain. We do PPC optimization to improve the chances of conversion.

Tune your Ad for Maximized ROI

Return on investment or ROI is a measure of the profit than you earn after any investment relative to your investment’s cost. The ROI measurement is expressed as a ratio by dividing the return of the investment with the cost of the investment. Our PPC marketers carry out extensive conversion analysis to ensure more clicks on your advertisement. It results getting maximum ROI with greater website traffic.

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Type of Online Paid Advertising:-

Search Advertising by Google AdWords & Bing Ads

We generate Google and other Search Engine listings by usual keyword searches. You might have seen PPC search adverts without knowing what they were. If you Google something, you will notice them either at the top or at the bottom of the organic results. SEO is all about what you want to say and to whom you want to say and any keyword can’t bring you relevant traffic. So, for relevant traffic, you must use relevant keywords. Our dedicated PPC management service will keep on refining the required keywords until your targeted traffic find you. Take help from an experienced PPC company to get more clicks and achieve higher search engine rankings.

Display Advertising

Advertising via Google Display Network to reach the targeted audience. It shows all your adverts across all over the internet on several Google partner websites. This cost-effective advertising strategy can help you reach to millions of your customers. You can select your required target market or people who have visited other similar websites. You can hand-pick other relevant industry websites to showcase your adverts. The Google Display Network places your ads on multiple sites reaching countless potential customers. It’s quite similar to Google’s AdSense. Go through the rates to learn how GDN can increase your website’s exposure.


Position targeted ads to the required audience who had already visited your site Cookies could be useful for your business! Remarketing gives your website visitors a cookie and you can target them back via your ads by following that cookie. It targets people who have a genuine interest in your services effectively. It allows you to see the exact product which your site visitor has been looking at. Use our services and entice your website visitors back to your site again by convincing them to revisit. We offer complete retargeting services including successful campaign development and management services.