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India certainly is the land of opportunity, but with that freedom comes a free market system with plenty of competitors in every area. When it comes to product packaging, consumers may not put much thought into how products appear on the shelves of their local market, but the truth is that product packaging has important and immediate impact on purchase decisions.


Packaging Considerations

When it comes to product packaging, it is true that first impressions are essential. After all, most consumers only purchase products that they like, relate to and if they approve of the company that creates the product.

Therefore, packaging must have an immediate visual appeal with easy-to-read brand name, product shape and overall design about the product within.

Packaging Considerations

Packaging Consulting Services

Because of so many considerations, it is no wonder that companies seek the guidance of India's best packaging consultants.

The expert team of packaging consultants at DesignerPeople understand that packaging serves as a company's brand ambassador. The practical shape and information on packaging instantly informs and attracts or repels consumers.

Consumers also like packaging that is environmentally friendly, convenient and keeps the product fresh for as long as possible. There are numerous shapes, materials, sizes, choices and closures available but finding the right mixture of the above is an essential part of packaging creation.

Consultants at DesignerPeople scan assist companies with finding the right packaging solutions for the following areas, as well as others:

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DesignerPeople Packaging Solutions

Each company is different and every product has a long list of necessary and important elements when it comes to packaging. Some products need to achieve FSSAI compliance, while others need to grab the attention of savvy consumers with unusual and innovative shapes and style. Standard molds for many products exist and custom design is possible as well.

As with anything else, it can be easy to think that the same old packaging is the only option, especially if that packaging is what a company has used for years. However, the world is changing quickly and so should how a company presents its products. Talk with the brand consultation team at DesignerPeople to find out more about designing a custom and innovative solution to any packaging problem.

The design process starts with hand drawings of possible options and progresses with professional CAD drawings, 3D models and prototyping. Market research is incorporated to determine what is working and what is not working in the current marketplace. Finally, the final product is created using the extensive manufacturing network available.


DesignerPeople has focused on dependably providing quality packaging products. We proudly offer a full range of packaging solutions for a number of markets, including:

As a well-established industry leader, DesignerPeople has the experience and capacity to take care of all your packaging needs.

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