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When we started our journey in 1998, our goal was very simple- enjoy every moment of our lives and encourage likeminded people who believe in us and are ready to give us the independence to deliver an creative solutions for their brands. Since then, we have enjoyed ample of spectacular moments with our ever growing clientele. We also believe that we are privileged too.

Unlike other design studio we not following traditional method of design where they used to ask the client about all his requirements and then after creating the design they forward it to the client and wait for his ultimate verdicts! As we believe our business living in very competitive environment and so as our branding process. We carry our entire brand development process into 3 phases:

DesignerPeople - Learning Phase

number 1

morph your desire into action

We are a bunch of creative minds and analyst who believe that there are no magic wands, no secret tricks, no fairy tales can build your existence instantly, but a small handshake can act as the bridge within what your brand stands for passionately and what it is used for realistically. Our claim to fame is a consumer research with competitors’ analysis. We believe if you can solve these two mathematics, the crown is yours.

Competitor Analysis

The focused scene is mapped so we can perceive how your image stacks up. We recognize where the rivalry is frail or missing. This learning and understanding unveils marketing opportunities that are not identified by any current items and can expose enormous open doors of prospects.

Consumer Research

On the basis of the venture, we examine your market or stack up review from a group of probable consumers. This process is custom-made for each task to get at what truly matters to your target consumers. Design briefings are composed to invent the concepts that reverberate with your potential consumers.

number 2

Where your product receives proper branding value

After the through learning and research, the fun part begins to bring the product’s packaging into life. We start developing the ideas to create the ultimate design which doesn’t only look amazing but also increases the brand’s value effectively. By this process, we try to uplift the value of the product by innovative and eye-catching designing quality. Our process allows all-in-one brand experiences that your brand can own and be remember for, starting from a touch point to poster- packaging, from digital to print or film and beyond.

Design Phase

Review Phase

number 3


Review and Revise

First, we survey our designs, request feedback from you, and consistently go through the purchaser point of view to get to the perfect outline.

Consumer Validation Testing

Final designs are tried with target shoppers by mimicking the purchasing experience and requesting input on that involvement. Thus, our clients get incomparable certainty that their new packaging outline will be effective and stand out in the market.

How is the modern method creating a difference?

The modern method is contributing various advantages in marketing and advertising a newly launched product. In today’s competitive market, this method focuses on highlighting the branding of the product through creative, innovative & attractive brand development! The outcome of this new process is amazing to trigger more consumers to make a purchase or reinforce the brand to purchase the product again.

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